Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which costs are covered by the scholarship?
Full scholarship covers costs of accommodation, food and curricular activities organised by the Summer School. Partial scholarship covers half of the total costs. Students who receive scholarships need to cover travel costs of arrival to Novi Sad and return back home, as well as all other personal costs during the stay.
2. Are there clean bedclothes and towels in the dormitory rooms or do students need to bring them?
There are bedclothes in the dorm which are changed once a week. We recommend that students bring their own towels.
3. Is there also a kitchenette the dormitory rooms?
No, cooking facilities for the students are not available, there is no fridge, and it is not possible to prepare food in the room.
4. Are the rooms in the dormitories provided with air conditioners?
No, there are no air conditioners in the rooms.
5. Are there internet access points available in the rooms?
Yes, there is a LAN connection.
6. Can I wash my laundry in the dormitory?
Yes, the dormitory has a laundry. The price for the service is 1,50 EUR.
7. Is the dormitory far from the Faculty of Philosophy?
No, it takes about 20 minutes on foot from the Faculty to the dormitory, or 10 minutes by bus. The fare is 0,50 EUR.
8. Which countries do participants come from?
They come from various European countries (Italy, Germany, Austria, Romania, Greece, Russia, all former Yugoslav republics, Slovakia, France, Ukraine, Hungary, etc.), from the USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, etc.
9. I would like to stay in Novi Sad after the course because I want to continue learning Serbian. Can I stay in the dormitory?
You can stay in the dormitory a day or two after the end of the Summer School.